As a small business owner, it’s important to utilize any available resource to help your business succeed. Unfortunately, many new small business owners overlook the resources that collaboration with other business owners provides. By working with others, you can enjoy the following benefits to your business.

Give Your Creativity a Boost

Interacting with your peers will give you insight that will help you come up with new ideas. This is especially true when those peers are other small business owners in your community. …

Choosing the best retirement plan can be difficult if you don’t have sufficient information about the process. However, with the right information, choosing between the different retirement plans is easy. All you need to know is the distinct regulations of each one of them. Then, consider your income and the amount of money you can contribute yearly, and when you can access your money. To make an informed decision, compare the following retirement plans.

401(k) Plans

If you are an employee, the 401(k) plan is the best investment plan for you. The account allows you to pay some of your…

Besides being industrious, people need to have the business acumen to run a successful business. In addition, there are numerous traits an entrepreneur needs to succeed. Renowned business leaders know the skills that one needs to succeed in the business world.

Here are skills that will set you apart from other entrepreneurs in the new year.


Listening is an essential skill in every aspect of life. Those who aren’t ready to listen aren’t ready to learn. Numerous people listen, intending to respond instead of understanding. Whether you are talking to your seniors or juniors, listening to what they say…

When working out your budget, whether it is for home or business, it is vital to understand the three types of expenses: fixed, variable, and discretionary.

Fixed expenses

Items that cost you the same per month are “fixed” in place and do not typically change. These include:

Rent and mortgage payment

Car payment

Monthly membership fees, including monthly charitable giving

Keep in mind that some fixed expenses could reset after a predetermined period. For example, if you have a variable-rate mortgage, you could pay more per month after a predetermined date. …

By knowing how to encounter challenges as they arise, you can steer clear of any hurdles that affect your overall goals. It not only saves your venture from abrupt pauses but also makes your operations more efficient.

So exactly how do you master problem solving as an entrepreneur? The following tips will help you find an answer right away.

Start With Critical Thinking

Simply put, critical thinking refers to analyzing an issue thoroughly before reaching a decision. This helps you look at all associated outcomes and related issues before you find the best resolution in your mind. …

The holiday season can be tricky depending on what industry a small business operates in. For example, some retailers need to have a strong holiday season, or they’ll miss their sales goals for the whole year. Other businesses may slow down around the holidays. Entrepreneurs in those industries may even enjoy this lull or take a hiatus to spend time with friends and family.

But it can be an excellent idea for all small business owners to try and make the most of the holiday season. Even if it’s a slower time of year, it can provide a real chance…

The word entrepreneur has different definitions. For some, an entrepreneur is anyone capable of running a business. For others, it’s someone who builds a business from the ground intending to make an income. It’s hard for entrepreneurs to focus on entrepreneurship since most are distracted by other projects. Being focused helps the business grow. Below is a list of tips to help entrepreneurs stay focused:

Is there enough capital?

When starting a business, consider the amount of money needed to start and run the business. Beginners should be positive about money and let the idea stick on their minds whenever they develop new strategies…

We all have trouble with spending and saving money at some point. It’s essential to identify areas where we spend too much. Identifying areas of overspending helps with your overall financial wellness and enables you to save in the future. The Balance shares a few tips to help you stop unnecessary spending.

Budget — This is the first step in finding out where you can cut down on wasteful spending. Create a spreadsheet or list of all of your expenses (including discretionary spending and bills). Calculate how much you spend each month and then find areas you can cut spending…

Starting a business in the comfort of your own home sounds like a dream come true. Not having to wake up hours before work to get ready and commute is very appealing but there is so much more to take into consideration before starting a business at home . If you’re passionate about your work and have a go getter mentality then this might be a smart move for you. Here are some tips on things to put into consideration before starting a successful business in your home.

Business Idea

The foundation of your business must be built on skills…

Saving money is already hard, to begin with, but saving money while on a tight budget should be considered an extreme sport. There are plenty of ways to save money whether you cut out on multiple small things all at once or one big item. A lot of time and effort must be put into saving because it doesn’t just add up overnight. With the right skills and mindset, you can track your money and continue to get just about the same items and services by spending less. …

Murry Englard

Murry Englard is Managing Partner for Englard & Co CPA, PC and works in financial planning, payroll reporting and business valuations

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